"I drive from Maiden/Denver area to workout at FA and a few people have commented on that being a bit of a long distance to go to a gym (and I know I'm not the only one that travels a little ways!!), but, as I tell them, the truth is that I have never been to a gym that I LOVE to go to until I joined Fit Avenue." -A Pope

NEW! 6 & 12 Week Trainers

"My waist is down another inch. I am soooo excited that I can actually buy a size small shirt! It has been at least 10 yrs since I've worn anything other than an Extra Large." -S Pennell

"I pulled out last years bloodwork numbers to see the difference. I am blown away. People talk about inches & pounds. Bloodwork is just as important. Thank you!" -E Drye

News & Upcoming  Events

New Membership Offer!

starting today! only $20 per month

it can be added to an existing membership or your only membership 

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"In just the 2-3 weeks that I've been at FA, my cardio has gotten insanely better. Heart rate is staying lower when I run." -J Russ

"Just realized I hit the 65lb mark! Woop! Yayayay!!!"

"Thank you for kicking my butt each class & training session." 

Total Mash-Up: A new Class on our schedule!

Thursdays at 6:15pm

change the game.

Fit Avenue offers a variety of group exercise classes, personal & small group training, runners trainings, fitness programs and much more! 

​​Your Road to Health & Wellness

Don't miss this new and calorie blasting workout that has been added to our schedule. 

Allyson and Molly will be team teaching Total Mash-Up. It's an 80 min class that will combine a little of everything. 

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"Fit Avenue is much more than a gym, it is a family who supports all of your fitness goals. The real "judgement free zone." J Love

We are super excited about this new opportunity for our clients. Whether you are traveling for work or vacationing, like to work out in the comfort of your own home, have a gym membership but are unsure what equipment to use and exercises to do to reach your goals, if you want to lose weight/tone up or add muscle; Molly will write a custom plan for you. You can purchase a 6 or 12 Week Exercise/Workout Plan according to your goals/needs. You will complete a 3 day assessment on your own and each day send Molly your results of them. Whether it be reps, weight amount lifted, etc. She will then put together your custom plan based on those results. NOTE: This is not an accountability plan or session of trainings/meetings with a trainer or coach. This is a self motivated plan. Molly is available to answer questions and explain any exercises, etc. within your plan. Email molly@fitavenue.net for more info and to start TODAY!

Our goal is to create a welcoming, healthy & FUN environment for people to "get fit" at any age or fitness level.

Why Fit Avenue?

Marti Estes 5K Training

Starts Saturday, March 18th 

Runners Training Days:

Wed @ 5:45pm at Bellingham Park

Sat @ 9:30am at Fit Avenue


 Custom Exercise Plans